Gratitude Tools

Gratitude Tools

The simplest act of gratitude is a simple “thank you”. You can express it whenever you feel thankful for what you have or receive.

There are numerous resources on the internet covering gratitude tools.


List of things you are grateful for:

  • 100 things you are grateful for
  • find 3-5 things you are grateful for in the morning when you wake up, or before going to sleep.

Lists on this site may inspire you.


Gratitude journal

  • You can keep  journal and write about things you are grateful for. Write it every day or less frequent. Just enjoy this experience.

Gratitude journal

There are plenty of gratitude worksheets on the internet.  You can start here.

Writing gratitude journal


Gratitude jar or box

  • decorate a jar or box, write down things you are grateful for and put them in the box

Other tools

  • You can make gratitude tree


More internet resources:



Gratitude meditation






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